Somatic Internal Family Systems

Somatic IFS Practitioner

With Susan McConnell I have completed the Somatic IFS Training and the Somatic IFS Practices Series. Somatic IFS is an integral part of the IFS and IFIO sessions I am offering. 

Somatic IFS Training

  • Somatic IFS Training with Susan McConnell
  • Somatic IFS Practices Series with Susan McConnell 
  • Somatic IFS & Chronic Illness, Workshop with Susan McConnell

Somatic Training & Education (among others)

  • Healing Trauma, Course with Dr. Peter Levine
  • Hakomi, Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Workshop with Dr. Halko Weiss 
  • MMFT, Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training with Dr. Elisabeth Stanley

Important Note

Individual and relationship coaching is of non-medical nature. This includes in particular help in working through and overcoming social, relational, emotional and individual conflicts, as long as these are not pathological. My coaching offer does not replace medical, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment by a medical doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Please consult your medical doctor in case of doubt.