Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) helps to achieve inner harmony and to find access to the inner resource of the Self. Appreciation, mindfulness and Self-leadership play a central role in this process. The IFS model was developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz and allows clients to gently and respectfully explore their inner life, which is a natural state of multiple personality parts. With IFS, we learn to have a dialogue with our parts and build a relationship with them while at the same time no longer identifying with any part.

The Self, Our Inner Resource

The basic assumption of the IFS model is that every human being, regardless of circumstances or events experienced, has at its core an inner being that can be called our inner, true essence. From this unclouded Self flows a never-ending resource of love and self-compassion. The IFS model supports access and trust to the inner essence, the Self, through whose inherent qualities the internal system of body, mind and spirit can self-regulate. 

General Goals

  • To achieve balance and harmony within the internal system.
  • To strengthen the Self so it can be an effective leader in the system.
  • When the Self is in the lead, the parts will provide input to the Self but will respect the leadership and ultimate decision making of the Self.
  • All parts will exist and lend talents that reflect their non-extreme intentions.

Certified IFS Level 3 Practitioner

At the IFS Institute I have completed the IFS Trainings Level 1-3 and the IFS Certification Process. As a Certified IFS Level 3 Practitioner I offer IFS sessions in English, German and French. I am also trained in Somatic IFS and IFS Couples Therapy Intimacy from the Inside Out. As a Program Assistant for IFS and IFIO Trainings I support others in learning the IFS and IFIO model.

IFS & IFIO Trainings

  • IFIO Advanced Training: Betrayal and Repair, Toni Herbine-Blank
  • Program Assistant: IFS Level 2 Training: A Compassionate Apprach to Addictive Processes: IFS, Addicitions and Eating Disorders, Cece Sykes
  • Program Assistant: IFS Level 2 Training: Intimacy from the Inside Out, IFIO Basic Training in IFS Couples Therapy, Robin Warsh & Joya Lonsdale
  • Program Assistant: IFS Level 1 Training, day 8-14, Liz Martins & Olivia Lester
  • IFIO Post-Advanced Training: Shame, Reactivity and the Brain, Toni Herbine-Blank & John Palmer
  • Program Assistant: IFS Level 2 Training: Intimacy from the Inside Out, IFIO Basic Training in IFS Couples Therapy, Toni Herbine-Blank, Nancy Wonder & Robin Warsh
  • Somatic IFS Training, Susan McConnell
  • Program Assistant: IFS Level 1 Training, Einat Bronstein
  • IFIO Advanced Training in IFS Couples Therapy, Toni Herbine-Blank
  • IFS Level 2 Training: Intimacy from the Inside Out, IFIO Basic Training in IFS Couples Therapy, Toni Herbine-Blank, Kate Lingren & Ann Drouilhet
  • IFS Level 3 Training, Chris Burris 
  • IFS Level 2 Training: Deepening and Expanding, Dr. Osnat Arbel & Einat Bronstein
  • IFS Level 1 Training, Dr. Osnat Arbel

IFS & IFIO Workshops

  • Using Internal Family Systems To Heal Trauma and Addictive Processes, Cece Sykes
  • Program Assistant Development Workshop, Rina Dubin & Leslie Petruk
  • Program Assistant Orientation, IFS-Institute
  • IFIO Staff Training, Nancy Wonder & Kate Lingren
  • Creating Healing Circles, Introduction to IFS in Group Therapy, Chris Burris
  • Self-energy and Self-like Parts, Pam Krause
  • A Compassionate Approach to Addictive Processes with Internal Family Systems, Cece Sykes & Dr. Richard Schwartz
  • Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems, Dr. Frank Anderson
  • IFS, Healing Shame & Shaming, Dr. Martha Sweezy
  • IFS as a Spiritual Path, Dr. Richard Schwartz 
  • IFS and the Enneagram, Joan Ryan 
  • Compassionate Inquiry meets Internal Family Systems, Dr. Gabor Maté & Dr. Richard Schwartz 
  • IFS, Exploring Power and Sexuality, Kay Gardner
  • Somatic IFS & Chronic Illness, Susan McConnell
  • IFS, Critic Camp, Chris Burris
  • IFS and Psychedelics, Robert Falconer, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Michael Mithoefer & Dr. Robert Grant
  • IFS and Transcommunities, Shifting Center
  • IFS, Compassion for Addictive Processes, Cece Sykes
  • IFS, Unattached Burdens and Guides, Robert Falconer 
  • Somatic IFS Practices Series, Susan McConnell
  • IFS and Chronic Pain, Dr. Richard Schwartz
  • IFS and Self-led Sexuality, Patricia Rich 
  • IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience, Dr. Frank Anderson
  • IFS and Legacy Burdens and Heirlooms, Dr. Osnat Arbel
  • The Self-led IFS Therapist, Dr. Osnat Arbel 
  • IFS and Couples, Dr. Richard Schwartz 
  • IFS Online Circle, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Toni Herbine-Blank & Pamela Krause

Important Note

Individual and relationship coaching is of non-medical nature. This includes in particular help in working through and overcoming social, relational, emotional and individual conflicts, as long as these are not pathological. My coaching offer does not replace medical, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment by a medical doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Please consult your medical doctor in case of doubt.